Artistes sans Frontières - event from 2023-2

Installation in Quimper

Our services in Quimper

  • Artist sites will be custom created by our team as always, but the artists can add photos or text themselves.
  • Artistic stays for our members, who will be able to stay and work on site - offer tested by Fatma Zohra (film), Zina (design), Marine (texts) and others
  • Internships
  • Computer troubleshooting and training
  • Details in preparation

Reception and office hours

The work is almost finished, but you can still come across workers or a member in painter's uniform

During spring and summer 2023 :

  • visits only by appointment
  • call for an appointment: 06 32 95 40 90, Tuesday to Saturday, between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.
  • appointment preferably in the afternoon or early evening
Alan and Kava thinking about Kava's project
Alan and Kava thinking about Kava's project

First internships

Kava joined us over 900 km from Lyon, where he is undergoing retraining.

Alan's high school is only a few steps away and he takes the opportunity to be the first before his screen.

Each of them has created an element of the future site, which will replace this site over in the summer. Kava created a dia show, Alan a contact form. This after learning a new programming language and creating their own presentation project - all in just a few weeks.

Hard to interrupt them ;-)
We almost can't interrupt them ;-)

The trainees' area

The small gallery of our trainees already has 13 presentations, including Kava and Alan. Check them onthe trainees' area

Other people's ideas are always welcome
Other people's ideas are always welcome
Presentation for two programers and a parrot
Presentation for 3, Auguste thinks we're walking on our heads

Artistes sans Frontières - France - 06 32 95 40 90