Artistes sans Frontières - event from 2015-1

Annonces d'expos

Portes Ouvertes - Open Doors - Paris

6 and 7 June 2015

Saturday and Sunday: 11h - 19h

Doug Petrovic, painting, sculpture
Mary Quartarone, painting
Suzan Rasmussen, painting, engraving
Helga Strobl, photography
Helga Strobl "Arrêt de train", photo

Helga Strobl "Arrêt de train", photo

Suzan Rasmussen: "Milburn Heights", aquarelle

Suzan Rasmussen: Milburn Heights, water color

Mary Quartarone: "Creation", aquarelle

Mary Quartarone: Creation, water color

Douglas "Doug" Petrovic, sans titre, huile sur toile

Douglas "Doug" Petrovic, untitled, oil on canvas

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