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New site - new offer - trainees

From April 2019, we are preparing a complete change of the website.

This site has changed many times since the first version in 2000. This time, we change the technology, to make the site dynamic and responsive, to be comfortable to consult on a mobile and on or a big screen.
Our website includes an archive of events for almost 20 years and sites created for our members during the same period. It will take some time to translate everything into the current Internet language first and then into several languages. The last step will add a space for members to discuss art and share their experiences.

To facilitate this project, the association Artists Without Borders will now occupy trainees in development, web integration or graphics.

14 ARTS 2019 - Open Doors of the artist's workshops

aturday 29 and Sunday 30 June 2019

Doug Petrovic, painting, drawing, sculpture
Suzan Rasmussen, painting, drawing
Helga Strobl, photography

November Photo Month

Photo exhibition as part of the Month of the Photo

Collective exhibition in Autumn

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