Artistes sans Frontières - event from 2020-4

New team members

 4 team members (counting Auguste on his observation post

During this extraordinary period, our team has grown by three members.

Babacar started in the first weeks of strict lock down, and took advantage of the long hours of solitude to integrate 4 years of the association's activities into the News chapter.

Billel and Frederic started their internship in June and our team now works alternately in the premises of the association, those absent joining in by audio or video call. The AsF site and other projects are advancing rapidly.

It's hard to see with a face covering ;-)

The intern's domain

Developing websites is a creative activity, so we created a space for interns, to test and present their art. Discover their current projects and their ideas on the intern's space

Reception in our premises

For visits to our premises during the next months, new reception rules apply:

  • visits only by appointment
  • only one or two visitors inside
  • compulsory wearing of a face mask
  • take an appointment: 06 32 95 40 90, Tuesday to Saturday, between 1 and 5 p.m.
  • appointments possible from Tuesday to Saturday from 2 p.m on.

Virtual shows

2020, with the social distancing imposed in the real world, this is the year of a massive migration to the virtual world of the Internet.

2020, it's been 20 years since our team created the first websites for artists.
Friend of the arts, take a walk in the virtual gallery of the AsF website to discover the art works of our members!

Artist, contact us

  • for a virtual exhibition,
  • for a real exhibition as soon as possible,
  • to create a web site to present your works.

Artistes sans Frontières - France - 06 32 95 40 90