Artistes sans Frontières - event from 2019-4

A diverse and committed team

We return to our founding principle: To offer our member artists means of presentation of their works worthy of works of art. That means, websites and now state-of-the-art mobile apps, created by professionals and adapted to the work of each artist.

To carry out this process, our longtime webmaster, Helga Petrovic, became "Full Stack Developer" and she brought fellow developpers with her. Saloum Sylla participated in the creation of the association's server during an internship and he continues to work on the sites of the artists. Zoubeir Marouf joined the team for an internship in September.

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The ground is sinking

Unfortunately, this is not a poetic expression, but a factual description.
In June, the office floor seemed more flexible in places. This effect worsened and became worrying. In Paris, not far from the catacombs, it is always possible that a sink hole opens appears from an old quarry. Neighbours had fun stories to tell about this, like the incident in the 50s, when the former concierge had fallen into an abyss that had appeared in the yard, from which the firefighters had rescued him with abrasions but otherwise unharmed. Or the recent renovation of a ground floor atelier in the building accross the courtyard, which revealed gaping holes under the ground.

Exploratory excavations under the floor have shed light on the mystery: a great water leak from some ateliers further on flooded our workshop from below. We have to change the floor from the ground earth under the foundations up. And changing the floor requires removing everything that is in the workshop.

During the works, the association does not receive visitors in our space and does not have fixed schedules. By appointment, we come to meet you elsewhere.

The website of the association is changing

Our team of Javascript developers has started to migrate the association's sites to new technologies.
The change will include several steps:
  • The site you see is responsive, it adapts to the size of your screen, from mobile phones to very large screens.
  • This phase will take a little time - we have produced over ten thousand files over the years. The sites of the artist-members will reappear first in an old version. New versions will be displayed site by site before the end of the year. In the News chapter, events from previous years will appear in reverse order until reaching our beginnings in 2001.
  • The back-end, the invisible structure of the site, is technically more complicated, but it takes less time to achieve. The details for the techies:
      Migration from one VPS to two faster VPS, migration from Apache to Nginx, configuration and securing of the servers.
      Installation of a database (MongoDB) on a VPS and securing access and data.
      Sensitive data, which you entrust to us via a form on our sites, such as your personal data, will be encrypted.
      Creation of the Node - Express servers, which serve the pages of the sites.
      Sites in https: You see a small lock in the address bar because the connection between your computer and our server is encrypted.
      This protects you, if you look at the site in a public wifi network: another user of the same wifi network can neither monitor your activity nor inject harmful code into the connection.
      Google gives higher ranking to https sites for this reason.
  • The front-end, the pages you see on the screen, contain dynamic elements.
  • To do this, the pages are rewritten in a new code language: we must work on them, page after page, link by link.

    The previous version and the new version are not compatible. We have chosen to have the new site appear in stages, so you can follow the progress almost in real time. We apologise for any small bugs during this time. Let's call it artistic freedom.

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