Artistes sans Frontières - event from 2016-3

Rencontres d'artistes - Artist's encounter

In our association, artists of all kinds and different countries have crossed paths, have made friends, inspired each other, have sometimes offered a work to the association, exchanged works with other artists or left a work temporarily in testimony of their visit.

This exhibition shows the fruits of these encounters.

Without Borders presents works by painters, designers and photographers:

Alexandre Froment, Germain Kouassi, Françoise Orbey, Doug Petrovic, Suzan Rasmussen, Shannon Reggaro, Helga Strobl

3 - 19 November, at the bar restaurant Le Daudet, another meeting point.

exhibition poster Rencontres d'artistes

Change of program :

Photo Month and photo exhibition : April 2017

Exhibition Douglas Petrovic : spring 2017, Paris

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