Artistes sans Frontières - event from 2014-1

Portes Ouvertes - Open Doors - Paris

14 et 15 June 2014

Saturday and Sunday: 11h - 19h

Exhibition :

Doug Petrovic, painting, sculpture
Mary Quartarone, painting
Suzan Rasmussen, painting, engraving
Helga Strobl , photography
Fatma-Zohra Zamoum , film

Another attraction was the clown Auguste, the parrot able to fly but not flying away...

Enter the frame - program Open Doors

Doug, oil on canvas

Doug Petrovic, blue oil painting, 2010
Doug Petrovic, yellow oil painting, 2010
Mary Quartarone, Blue Woman

Mary Quartarone "Blue Woman"

Mary Quartarone's art springs from her spirituality and belief in God. Her images are drawn from deep visions that reflect the soul and the heart of her inner world. Mary is living with metastatic breast cancer and she often paints her future as she journeys with this disease. Her inspirations come from the colours and shapes of nature and the instinctive mind. In addition, she often does soul portraiture. Mary lives in Mississauga, Ontario Canada with her husband of 34 years. She has two grown sons and in addition to her art, is pursuing the development of a new model of child care to support families in the 21st century.

Suzan Rasmussen

the artist is present during the show

Suzan Rasmussen

Helga Strobl, Seen from the Sky

present during the show

Helga Strobl, Seen from the sky

Fatma Zohra Zamoum : Azib Zamoum, une histoire de terres


Short films inside - if the wheater permits it, long films in the garden

Fatma Zohra Zamoum may attend part of the show

fatma-Zohra Zamoum, Azib Zamoum, film poster

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